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Michael's Tips N Tricks

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1 Michael's Tips N Tricks on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:51 pm


Senior Carvaholic
Senior Carvaholic
Project ideas that can be created using the CarveWright Woodworking System are limitless, and many owners of the Machine are expanding their project choices by adding patterns from the Pattern Depot for use with the CarveWright. In a continuing effort to increase your knowledge on how to use these patterns successfully, we have devised a Tips & Tricks newsletter. Each month we will highlight a popular component of the CarveWright System and feature how to’s with step-by-step instruction. We would like to thank Michael Tyler of for providing this excellent content.

The Tips & Tricks Newsletters are in an easily downloadable PDF format. Just click on the issue and save to your computer. PDF files are best viewed with Adobe Reader.

ISSUE 1 October 2007 – Pattern Layering & Composition in Designer

ISSUE 2 November 2007 – Group & Merge Features in Designer

ISSUE 3 December 2007 – Handy Tips for Everyone!

ISSUE 4 January 2008 – An Easy Project Tutorial & Article This Month!

ISSUE 5 February 2008 – How to Make Your Own Corbels

ISSUE 6 March 2008 – How To Make “Overhang Pattern” Cut Paths

ISSUE 7 April 2008 – Carving Jigs – Carrier Boards, Sleds and Rails

ISSUE 8 May 2008 – How and Why To Make Manual Cut Paths

ISSUE 9 June 2008 – Scanning Probe Techniques

ISSUE 10 July 2008 – The CarveWright Pattern Editor

ISSUE 11 August 2008 – The Pattern Editor – De-Noise and Quantize

ISSUE 12 September 2008 – Designer 1.131 New Feature Highlights

ISSUE 13 October 2008 – Tips, Common Questions and Answers – Part 1

ISSUE 14 November 2008 – Tips, Common Questions and Answers – Part 2

ISSUE 15 December 2008 – Multiple Wood Carving/Layering Technique

ISSUE 16 January 2009 – Lithopane (Lithophane) Carving 101

ISSUE 17 February 2009 – Basic Picture Frame “How-To

ISSUE 18 March 2009 – Scaling and How to Avoid It!

ISSUE 19 April 2009 – Round “Notions and Sundries” Box

ISSUE 20 May 2009 – The Power of Carving With Dingbats


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