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32" Starship model

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1 32" Starship model on Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:19 pm


Senior Carvaholic
Senior Carvaholic
Originial posted at by joesighting

I wanted to show off my first fabricated model with the STL importer. This is the Starship Voyager it's 32" long and made up of about 14 slices. I found the 3D model here (Model made by Sarod, want to give credit where it's due) It's a really nice 3d mesh. I still have a long way to go, but so far I couldn't be more thrilled.

Yeah, I'll work on a screen capture video to show how I did it. It actually wasn't too hard. I did use that healing feature alot. This software is amazing. Once I figured it out, I realized I can slice anything.

I've been working more on the model and have realized I used the wrong foam. I used a 2lb polyiso foam which was cheap, but I will definitely use something more dense next time. It's a little to porous so I'm having to fill it with spackling and putty. I was hoping primer would fill in th texture, but it hasn't been perfect. Rubbing in the putty seems to work pretty well. The details are truly amazing! I got it glued together into 2 main sections using contact cement and started priming and filling. Here's a couple more pics. Calling it a night. More tomorrow. This is the most fun I've had with this machine!

I've been working away on my Starship. Once I got the filling and sanding done, I assembled the 2 halves and filled and primed those seams. The result was amazing. A complete starship voyager. Now its on to painting!

I spent all night just on the top of the saucer section. Defining the panels and windows. This is still in a pretty rough state, but it's starting to look so cool I couldn't wait to show it. I'm just using acrylic paints right now.


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