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Greetings from The Great White North (ok, the snow has all melted...)

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Hello all ...

A confession! I haven't got a machine yet - before using up my meager disability pension 'savings' - that's an inside joke for those of you who reside in similar shoes - i thought that it would be a good idea to see what real users have to say about owning and using this carving system. as a non-owner, when i saw the total cost of a 'full-feature' system, the cheap ink jet printer syndrome came to mind where the price of the unit is almost peanuts compared to the upkeep/supplies expenses required for meaningful use.

Okay, enough of the noobie-nebbish! it's time to burn up endless hours of browsing time reading as many postings on this forum as i can before my wife sends search parties out looking for me. natch, if you're wife's search parties are anything like mine, they always check my computer desk that is (unsuccessfully) hidden in a remote corner of the basement...

BTW, i do have a specific project in mind : to create carvings of 18th century soldiers, about 12"x40" in size. at this point in time, my (in)experience suggests that the end product will likely have to serve as masters for mould-making as the machine, even the new C model, does not appear to be suitable for industrial assembly line work. on consideration though, this likely won't be a problem as the number of individual uniform designs presently on the 'do list' exceed 18, so producing copies cast in moulds will probably be faster and cheaper than using the carving machine. besides, this will leave time to deal with the ambitious idea of creating a scaled-to-match mounted officer, which will almost certainly be an assembly project - that should be fun!

oh! oh! ... i can hear the mutterings of a search party ... time to hide ... ttfn!


p.s. 'ttfn' = old-country blighty colloquialism = tah-tah for now

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2 Welcome!! on Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:11 pm



Greating for the hot down south of you. (Colorado)

As a non owner your are of to a great start by doing you searching and reading on the machine. The reports on the "C" version are that the upgrades have made it a more reliable machine than the previous versions.

Your idea of using the machine to make casting moulds is a great idea. There are a lot of users who do so by carving the moulds in high density foam.

Best of luck and hope to see some carving results from the not so white north country Laughing

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