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Color Effect Litho

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1 Color Effect Litho on Sat May 01, 2010 12:23 pm


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Here's my first attempt of a litho with color effect applied.

The photo was taken while snapping pics at a friends wedding in AZ . In order to get the best possible lighting,I had them facing into the sun with my back to the sun an as I turned back to check where my drink was ( it’s Arizona and it’s hot !! ) we noticed the beginning of one of those famous Arizona sunsets. So we quickly got everyone turn around to use that as a background shot as they only last a fews minutes.

And that was several years ago, so recently for a anniversary present the wife thought that giving them a litho portrait of them together would make a nice gift. I had to agree it was, but I would never have thought of it on my own and heck now I had offical approval to go spend time in the shop. YAHOO!!!

During the process I agonized that the litho wouldn’t really capture the beauty of that sunset.
So then I began to pondered on how to produce a color effect, after several days of pondering , and searching the web with no luck and I can ponder (procrastinate) a very long time…… Then a eureka moment over a bowl of neapolitan ice cream while working on a power point presentation that had to be given on a over head projector (yes,old fashion technology) . Quickly finishing off that bowl of ice cream caused my brain to freeze and nearly lost that eureka moment . After recovering I then headed off to the shop to finished the project.

Here's a link to those results.

Thanks for looking

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2 Re: Color Effect Litho on Sat May 01, 2010 1:27 pm



That does add a great look to the litho. I have done the same thing. One thing I did notice with mine (and yours) is getting the transparency and litho sizes matched up and aligned correctly. Also on the one I did I set a small draft on the litho carve and I think that added some distortion to the image. It shows up if viewed at a close distance but from afar it you do not notice it at all..

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