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New Designer version 1.150 released today

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1 New Designer version 1.150 released today on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:35 pm


New CW Designer Version is Now available for Update

### (IV) Release Notes ############################

30 Jun 2009 -- Differences between versions 1.150 and 1.134
* Added new STL Importer feature (additional license required)
* Added "Pierced" carving option, for carvings that should carve through the
board; depths can no longer be set deeper than the board; the firmware
tries to ensure that carvings set as pierced are carved through the board
* Added new "Place Tabs" option for creating raster tabs to hold pieces in place
* Added ability to check scanning probe state when setting up scanning
* Added ability to flip feathers on carved regions
* Added option to recalibrate X distance sensor
* Improved Arc placement, so the arc control points stay on the board
* Improved "Fill" and "Magic Wand" tools to handle zeros in the Pattern Editor
* Improved error detection with the Board tracking Sensor
* Improved time estimation
* Improved last file location memory, now different locations
are remembered based on file type
* Improved raster carving speed for carvings with lots of doubled-sided cuts
* Fixed crash when dragging inset carvings
* Fixed crash when placing circles
* Fixed bug with cutouts on the edge a board placing tabs improperly
* Fixed bug where drill operations ignored the max pass depth setting,
and several additional error check were added for drill operations
* Fixed several "Motion Flush w/o Servo" bugs
* Fixed errors when using "Square Board" in certain orientations
* Fixed bug with the "Invert" button in the image import wizard

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CarveWright Pattern Depot
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