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Painting glazes

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1 Painting glazes on Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:50 am


Senior Carvaholic
Senior Carvaholic
Acrylic paint glazes are often used to create more depth in an image. These types of paints are light enough when brushed onto canvas to show the layers underneath. This technique is commonly used to create more realistic images. Light colored glazes also have softening effects when painted over dark or bright images. It can be difficult to get the right liquid consistency for glazes. Golden Acrylic Glazes simplify the mixing process by arriving ready-to-use in the bottle. Created to give the artist more time to work with the paints without having to worry about the paint to water ratio, this brand of glaze is commonly used in place of mixing acrylic glazes by hand.

It is best to wait for each layer to dry thoroughly before apply another coat. This will prevent the paint from smearing or leaving unwanted smudge marks. After the application of several layers, rubbing alcohol can be brushed or sprayed on to reveal colors from earlier layers.


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